Special Addition for Referendum Result 26 June 2016

We have seen the Crucifixion re-enacted during the last week, in Birstall. An MP who opened herself to all those of whatever class or creed who might need her help, was killed by one who wanted to restrict any support to a limited group of subscribers to his extremist views. When Love is perceived so abundantly at work, and obviously capable of conquering any force who might oppose it, then those who oppose it will experience fear, and so they will tend to erupt in violence. All totalitarian leaders have used force to assuage their fear in such a situation. There are so many examples: Jesus said to all people: "Come unto me all ye ... and I will refresh you" So he had to be killed by the Romans, who preached peace only through conquest and the killing of enemies, not through love. When Kennedy became President of the USA, he said: "Do not ask 'What can America do for me, but what can I do for America" He was killed by someone who lashed out against against such all-embracing concern. Luther King announced a vision of the future where Love for all would prevail over Hate. He had to die. The same thing happened in Birstall this week when Jo Cox was killed. Don't put it down to the action of a 'nutter', that is, find some medical reason for it, as all his relations will naturally try to do, since it is difficult to imagine such evil intent.Just read what the person who actually did it says. But sadly, we failed to listen to Jo and follow her example. Instead we saw fear of and hatred towards 'immigrants' being whipped up by the Brexit mob to produce a whipping boy to cover our own failures to reduce the gap between rich and poor and only incidentally did we produce the disastrous result. We were not refreshed.

Human impact on the planet is mounting and the need for sustainable development is becoming more urgent. Current scientific thinking is proving inadequate to cope with the complexities of the resulting environmental problems, and while there is a recognition that 'joined-up thinking' is essential if we are going to move towards sustainability, it is not clear what this means in practice.This emerging paradigm can help to correct the limitations of such narrowly reductionist theories as neo-Darwinism to guide our actions in a complex world. It has profound implications for how we view ourselves, how we treat each other, how we treat other species, how we think about community, and how we respond to change. A great deal will depend on the way in which this new paradigm is now developed.

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